V-Mop Classic Magic Dry Bucket Mop – 360 Degree Self Spin Wringing


1 Super Absorbers + 1 Liquid Brush + 1 Glove + 2 Sponch Scrub + 4 Scrub + 1 Sink Cleaner + 1 Pedi Cleaner((Made in India))

V-Mop’s magic spin bucket mop is one of the most largest selling spin bucket mop not only in india but across the world by v-mop. The major advantage of this V-Mop’s magic spin bucket mop is the quality and durability which is assure by v-mop .The magic spin mop comes with a microfiber refill which has the capacity to absorb 10 times more liquid than normal cotton and is more durable. The handle of the mop is 360 degree rotating durable and long lasting. V-Mop’s magic spin bucket mop mop is the only mop in its category which carries manufacturer warranty on it’s magic bucket V-Mop’s magic spin bucket handle is very sturdy and long lasting. The mop is 360 degree movable and can perform deep cleaning. Bucket of the spin mop magic mop is very strong and made up of virgin plastic not like other cheap quality chinese’s products .

Features & detailsV-

Mop helps you to clean the floor without getting down and dirty360 degree cleaning, reaches under furniture and hard to reach areas and provide effective cleaningIt has super spin system which makes drying refill fasterMicro fiber refill with super absorbent capacity3 months warranty provided by the manufacturer from date of purchase

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