Haier Electric Storage 25 Litre Water Heater @4559


Size:25 Litre

1. Shock Proof Technology:-The system plays as a resistor between the water heater and human body, which reduces the intensity of the current passes (In case of any electricity leakages/ faulty earthing, it converts 220 to < 12 volt), thereby Haier Shock Proof Storage WHs ensure users safety. 2. TTS Technology:The double sensors (thermostat & thermal control) in by Bi-Capillary type thermostat which protect from overheating and ensuring an accurate cut-off after reaching at desired temp. 3. MUV:A Multi-Usage Valve that meets safety requirements by acting as-Pressure relief system, Anti-Vacuum device, non-return valve and water drainage system. 4. UMC Tank: Only water heater with unique three layer Ultra Micro Coating tank, conforms to the Germany DIN Standard, Extra thick special steel sheet for longer life. 5Rated Pressure- 8 Bar : Total Range of Haier electrical water heaters are tested under impulsive pressure and assured to withstand 8 bar rated pressure, which is suitable for high raise buildings and pressure pump applications. 6. Digital Display – Temperature could be set as per the requirements

Shock Proof, UMC Tank, TTS Technology
Incoloy 800SS Heating Element
Shock Proof Patent Certificate & BEE Certification
8 Bar Rated Pressure Suitable for High Rise Buidlings & Digital Display
Capacity: 25 liters
Warranty: 3 year on Product components & 7 Year on Tank
Power: 2000 watts; Operating Voltage: 220 – 230 volts
Includes: Product; MUV Valve, Fasteners, Manual, Warranty Card



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