58% Off – BEARD CARE KIT (Beard Wash + Beard Crème + Beard Oil) At Rs.440


Beard Oil | Almond & Thyme – Get that thick heavy beard you’ve always wanted with a little help from our specially formulated Almond and Thyme beard oil, made with all natural ingredients. The oil contains Vitamin E which is a nourishing agent that enhances manageability and shine of your beard. Nourishing each hair strand to the T, it also moisturises the skin underneath. This beard oil is also enriched with Thyme, which apart from its relaxing effects prevents hair fall. 

Beard Wash | Almond & Thyme – Give your beard the royal treatment with our specially formulated Almond and Thyme beard wash, made with all natural ingredients. Every time you rinse your beard with this wash, you clean each hair from the root up without stealing moisture from the beard or your skin. The calming earthy scents of almond oil and thyme have a relaxing effect on your body, and promote thick, strong and shiny beard growth.

Beard Creme | Argan & Mint – Our Argan and Mint Beard Creme moisturises facial hair, reducing itch while providing nourishment and styling benefits for longer beards. Our power-packed key natural ingredients minimises irritation and help you style and shape without adding weight or greasiness. Made from natural ingredients and premium essential oils, it moisturises the beard and nourishes the skin. Reduce beard itch, restore natural shine and keep your beard looking healthy and smelling fresh. Our mild but manly fragrance is fresh, not overpowering

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