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Hello and welcome back guys. We are back again with the Amazon Daily quiz answers. Here you can win Amazon Pay balance of up to Rs.40000 by just answering some simple questions which we come to you with. The Quiz goes live everyday at 12 PM and you can answer the questions until 11:59 AM the next day. So, without any further delay here are the answers for the Amazon Pay Daily Quiz.

(19th July 2022) Amazon Quiz Answers

Question 1: Which Indian cooperative has been ranked ‘number one Cooperative’ among the top 300 cooperatives in the world?

Answer – IFFCO

Question 2: Which country recently ordered 80 Rafale fighter jets from France, the largest order ever for the warplane?

Answer – UAE

Question 3: Beyond EPICA project started with the aim of drilling for and recovering what from up to 1.5 Million years ago in Antarctica?

Answer – Ice

Question 4: Who among these is one of the co-founders of this app?

Answer – Kevin Systrom

Question 5: Kano Jigoro Shihan was the founder of which Japanese martial art, that was the first martial art to become an official sport here?

Answer – Judo

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(17th July 2022) Amazon Quiz Answers

Question 1: Which City Hosted The Indian Ocean Conference 2021?

Answer – Abu Dhabi

Question 2: Which Indian Long-Jump Star Was Bestowed The Woman Of The Year Award By World Athletics In 2021?

Answer – Anju Bobby George

Question 3: Research And Information System For Developing Countries Is A Think Tank Based In Which Country?

Answer – India

Question 4: Where Did The Marble Used To Make This Building Come From?

Answer – Makrana, Rajasthan

Question 5: This Structure Holds The Largest Reservoir Of Water In North America. Which City Is It Located Near?

Answer – Boulder City, Nevada

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(16th July 2022) Amazon Quiz Answers

Question 1: Shaheen 1-A Medium-Range Ballistic Missile Made With The Help Of China, Belongs To Which Country?

Answer – Pakistan

Question 2: Who Has Recently Been Appointed As The Chairman Of India Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC)?

Answer – Sambit Patra

Question 3: Assam Government Has Decided To Confer The ‘Asom Baibhav Award’ 2021, The State’s Highest Civilian Award, To Whom?

Answer – Ratan Tata

Question 4: In Which Administrative Region Of Italy Is This Tower Located?

Answer – Tuscany

Question 5: What Water Body Is This Island Lighthouse Located In?

Answer – Bosphorus Strait

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(15th July 2022) Amazon Quiz Answers

Question 1: India’s First Privately Developed Cryogenic Rocket Engine, That Recently Test-Fired, Is Named What?

Answer – Dhawan-1

Question 2: Sanjay Dutt Has Been Named The Brand Ambassador For Golden Jubilee Celebrations Of Which State?

Answer – Arunachal Pradesh

Question 3: China Launched Its First Cross-Border Train As Part Of The Belt And Road Initiative With Which Country?

Answer – Laos

Question 4: The Oldest Of These Structures Were Built By Which Pharaoh?

Answer – Djoser

Question 5: This Structure Was Initially Constructed To Honour The People Who Died During Whose Rule?

Answer – Napoleon

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(14th July 2022) Amazon Quiz Answers

Question 1: Gulabo, Who Recently Died At The Van Vihar National Park And Zoo In Bhopal, Was The Oldest Of What Animal In India?

Answer – Sloth bear

Question 2: Jaitapur, Set To Be The Country’s Largest Nuclear Power Generating Site, Is Located In Which State?

Answer – Maharashtra

Question 3: Which Airlines Recently Became The First Airline To Use Sustainable Commercial Aviation Fuel?

Answer – British Airways

Question 4: This Doll Depicts Which Marvel Character?

Answer – Black Widow

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(13th July 2022) Amazon Quiz Answers

Question 1: Who Is The First Black Woman To Appear On The US Quarter?

Answer – Maya Angelou

Question 2: Joumou Soup Is A Traditional Pumpkin Soup From Which Country That Recently Got The UNESCO Cultural Heritage Status?

Answer – Haiti

Question 3: Yutu-2 Is The Robotic Lunar Rover Of Which Country’s Mission To The Moon?

Answer – China

Question 4: A Species Of Which Fish, Referred To Earlier As ‘Trash Fish’ Is Named After This Animal?

Answer – Alligator Gar

Question 5: This Visual Shows Which City?

Answer – Varanasi

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(12th July 2022) Amazon Quiz Answers.

Question 1: The Simorgh Is A Two-Stage, Liquid Fueled Space Launch Vehicle Developed By Which Country?

Answer – Iran

Question 2: Which Is The “First Festival In Asia” To Be Added To The ‘Representative List Of Intangible Cultural Heritage Of Humanity’ By UNESCO?

Answer – Durga Puja

Question 3: The Minsk Protocol Is An Agreement Which Sought To End War In Which Country?

Answer – Ukraine

Question 4: In Which Country Is The Tree Of This Fruit The National Tree?

Answer – Bangladesh

Question 5: Which University Of India Has This Animal In Its Symbol?

Answer – Delhi University

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(11th July 2022) Amazon Quiz Answers.

Question 1: Rukmini Banerji, CEO Of Pratham Education Foundation, Has Been Awarded Which Highest Education Accolade In 2021?

Answer – Yidan Prize

Question 2: Indian Navy’s Indigenous Stealth Guided-Missile Destroyer ‘Mormugao’ Is Named After A Port In Which State?

Answer – Goa

Question 3: Sabah Al Khaled Al Hamad Al Sabah Has Been Appointed The New Prime Minister Of Which Country?

Answer – Kuwait

Question 4: Name This Animal Which Is Endemic To The Democratic Republic Of Congo And Is Referred To As A ‘Zebra Giraffe.’

Answer – Okapi

Question 5: In Which Of These Countries Is This The National Animal?

Answer – India

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(8th July 2022) Amazon Quiz Answers.

Question 1: Nodirbek Abdusattorov, The Youngest Ever World Rapid Chess Champion, Is From Which Country?

Answer – Uzbekistan

Question 2: Over 6 Lakhs Of Which Assault Rifle Will Be Manufactured By The Joint Venture, Indo-Russian Rifles Private Ltd?

Answer – AK-203

Question 3: Which State Is The Largest Producer Of Kiwi In India Accounting For 56%?

Answer – Arunachal Pradesh

Question 4: These Are The Astronauts Who Went Aboard Which Famous Mission?

Answer – Apollo-11

Question 5: Name This Fish That Is Known To Launch Itself Out Of The Water Like A Torpedo, And Knock Fishermen Off Their Boats. Arapaima Paraiba Arapaima Red-Tailed Catfish Pink Dolphin

Answer – Arapaima

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(7th July 2022) Amazon Quiz Answers.

Question 1: Which Team Did India Defeat In The Final To Win The 2022 Thomas Cup In Badminton?

Answer – Indonesia

Question 2: The Centre’s Recent Recruitment Scheme For Indian Youth To Serve In The Armed Forces, Shares Its Name With Which Movie?

Answer – Agnipath

Question 3: At The 2022 Skytrax World Airport Awards, An Airport In Which City Bagged The Best Regional Airport In India And South Asia Award?

Answer – Bengaluru

Question 4: In Which European Country Is This Location Located?

Answer – Switzerland

Question 5: What Is The Profession Of This Famous Comic Book Character?

Answer – Reporter

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(6th July 2022) Amazon Quiz Answers.

Q1. Jaadugar is an upcoming movie about a small time magician, and stars which actor in the lead role?
A. Jitendra Kumar

Q2. Lunar ______ is a mission investigating lunar water and geology and is part of NASA’s SIMPLEx program. Fill in the blanks.
A. Trailblazer

Q3. The 5th and deciding match of the India vs South Africa T20I series in which city was washed out due to rain?
A. Bengaluru

Q4. What amongst these is a famous event of this sport in the world?
A. FIBA World Cup

Q5. This famous temple complex is known for the Hall of ______ Pillars. Fill in the blanks
A. Thousand

That’s it, submit these answers and relax, the winners of the Amazon Pay daily quiz are usually declared late on the next day. If you are lucky enough, you will be intimated on the registered email. You can also check the winner on the winner’s section of the Amazon Daily quiz. That’s it for today, we’ll be back tomorrow with all the answers for tomorrow’s Amazon Daily Quiz. Till then you can check the answers for some other ongoing quizzes.

Here’s a bonus, the Amazon Prime Day is round the corner and so are the Prime Day deals and offers. Today Amazon has started the Prime Day Quiz and they are giving away Rs 100000 to be won. All you must do is answer a few questions and you can be the winner of the 100000rs. As always, we are back with the answers for the Amazon Prime Day Quiz so without any further delay lets get into the answers:

Q1. How many free deliveries do Prime members get?
A. Unlimited

2. How much does a one-year Prime membership cost?
A. 1499

3. Which of these is NOT a benefit that Prime members get with their membership?
A. Free hugs for every purchase

4. Using _________, Prime members can enjoy unlimited reading across a selection of 1000s of popular eBooks, comics and more at no extra cost. Fill in the blanks.
A. Prime Reading

5. The upcoming 2022 Prime Day sale will be for 2 days. Only Prime members will be able to avail Prime Day offers.
A. True

Other Quizzes live on Amazon

Amazon Mivi DuoPods A350 Quiz Contest: Answer these questions to win Mivi Duopods
Q1. Mivi headphones are designed and manufactured in ____.
A. India

Q2: Mivi DuoPods A350 offers up to __ hours of combined playback time.
A. 50

Q3: Mivi DuoPods A350 comes with a 500 mAh battery which gives you days of play in one charge.
A. True

Q4: What are the top features of Mivi DuoPods A350?
A. All of the above

Q5: The Quick Charging feature on Mivi DuoPods A350 offers 10 hours of battery life with just 10 minutes of charging.
A. True

We keep adding answers to all the new amazon quizzes so you can come back again and check whenever a new quiz goes live on Amazon. Till then, take care.


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